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Outback Australia

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Pioneer Australia

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Aboriginal Dreamtime

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Australian Bush Tucker

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Australian Wildlife

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Sustainable Living

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Boshack Outback is a 300 acre real working farm located 90 minutes from Perth, Western Australia. We’re surrounded by pristine bushland, freshwater springs and a lake. A tranquil place to enjoy a farmstay and farm tour or just relax by the lake and soak in the atmosphere in the Australian outback. Our uniqueness is we operate all year round with all loving our summer stary nights as well as our crispy winter mornings.
Its all about learning and adapting to live in the environment as it is.
We have the Humpy Farmstay, Glamping Farmstay and Bed and Breakfast Farmstay.
A unique place for family weekend getaways, school camps and for the overseas traveller. This is truly the authentic Australiana outback experience . Embark on an Wild Eco Outback Adventure to take the experience to a next level.
Enjoy a beautiful self drive through the hills of 90 minutes from Perth to Boshack.
Boshack Outback isn’t just accommodation, it is a unique Perth farmstay experience. If you would like to get back to the basics of life in a beautiful setting – solar powered, fresh gardens of organic food and simple accommodation, then you’re are up for a unique adventure and farmstay at Boshack Outback.

What people say:

You will not get a more unique Australian experience anywhere other than Boshack Outback. – Vanessa (Perth)
This is the real Australia I wanted to experience. – Richard (France)
Once in a lifetime experience. – Liz (New Zealand)
Real peace and tranquility. – Iris (Germany)
The skies are so clear. – Noriya (Japan)
The best Aussie tucker I have had. – Peter (United Kingdom) 
traditional aussie lunch A real Aussie outback experience – the kind of thing a backpacker needs to realise why they came travelling in the first place. – Nichole (Canada)
This is the best experience, we love ya, thank you for the best days I’ve ever had. – Nadja (Germany)
Would recommend this to anyone for a bit of rest and relaxation. – Flynn (New Zealand)
Amazing, don’t want to leave this place. – Simon (United Kingdom)
I like the lake, thank you for everything. – Qori (Indonesia)
One of the best farmstays in Perth, Western Australia. I’ll be back! – Cindy (Singapore)